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Monday, August 01, 2005

Sod 420

Addenum to that last piece:

The first post we did here gave over the secret that 420 = AShaN, B'gmatria. Everybody knows that now. Also, the Gematria of Mimitzrayim, because all solid objects are held together by boundaries and constrictions, and only that which is disolving into smoke is really free, as is known.

What was not mentioned were a few other Gematriatic correspondences with 420, notably, CiNashim, "like women"
Shlaymim, "peace offerings" or, alternatley "Whole"
Shnaihem, the two of them, because ganja is rarely enjoyed alone; every exhale lets you share it with the heavens. Anyone got anymore?

The most ridiculous one i've dug up? MaLlY is Rashai Taivos (first initials) Maduah Lo Yibaer (HaSneh) "Why won't it burn out?" Get it? Did I spell Mally right? is it spelled "Molly"? This is the problem with oral traditions... :>


Anonymous BrooklynHabiru said...

In response to when you would be returning to Yisroel you said "august 11th, im yirtza Allah. see you there, in time."... Just curious why you chose to use the term Allah over HaShem. Might this have the potential for maaris ayin, that you have been swayed towards Islamic theology or are you trying to say that Yishmael's ways of approaching HaShem are just as valid ?

10:37 AM

Blogger Yoseph Leib said...

as i've understood, Allah is a perfectly valid word for "god" as least as valid as the english word "god" itself, if not more so, as it's more specific. I am pretty swayed by sufi melodies, and do find myself working on that one, pretty ancient divine name, the one that's just ay and el, sings very nicely.

9:47 PM

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