The secret Jewish Cannabis History and Wisdom teachings of all ages

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'll write more soon. meanwhile, I found an old archive of an American Oleh living in Nachlaot in the late eighties, growing grass and toasting it on the stove, and introducing the not-quite-legendary "Hatzbani Green" strain to the north

Historical curiousities abound: we are not the first to walk these steps.


Blogger j Block said...

glad to see you back in action. Nice link into a crucial strain of that giant storehouse of Jerusalem memory.

I totally dig your blogging. I like where youre coming from and how you stubbornly embrace your unique identity. But most of all, i dig how that identity taps into a seemlessly endless supply of Jewish stories. Keep the drasha coming.

I recently started a blog with similar ideas but a different context and aesthetic. Come check me out brother:

And if, you're still in the Kiryat Yud next year, i will hopefully be ascending in that direction myself. So send a shout out.
-peace, jBlock

12:29 AM

Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

yeah it's cool that growing herb in Jerusalem is so easy, but it sucks when someone just comes and steals your plants right out of the earth.

4:07 AM

Blogger M. Hessel said...

really interesting, this is crazy material, someday maybe tell me where you find out about these incredible stories...

10:01 AM

Blogger Yoseph Leib said...

sometimes i'll just google words like "marijuana" and "jewish" is how I got this piece. The rest, i guess it's just from walking around Jerusalem with questions. for years.

3:48 AM


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