The secret Jewish Cannabis History and Wisdom teachings of all ages

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

All ye in the Town of Zion must know:

Cannabis Chassidis On Zion Tour: Jerusalem Events!

Thursday: At Maya's House (e-mail Zakifkififim for adress)

7:00 to 9:30 (Pm)

The mystery and secret of the Sepherotic Powers and context is Totally revealed at last!
(In the context of Shamanic drums, Ishbitz performance, and even an excerpt or two
From C-C-Cannabis Chassidis: The Ancient and Emerging Torah of Drugs (a memoir) and some appropriate accapella awesomeness, oh yeah!

Expect the sweetest Charoset, and the most liberating maror we can scrounge
p ` T R `Io Th
32 + 17 = 80-(10)-9-300-10-6-400 = 818 or 32 + 17 = 818 =


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Great meeting you the other day, I'm enjoying your book on the Tel Aviv bus lines. Check out my blog , I wrote a little something about you and Cannabis Chassidis.

Peace and Love!

5:21 AM

Blogger Josh said...

I think this is great that you have this site. I am a Goy in America and will keep up with your site. I live in California and have my permit for recommended use and totally get where you are coming from. A friend of mine who lives in Israel turned me on to your site. We need more people in the world like you. :)

8:42 PM

Blogger bob said...

Nice to see you're back, Yoseph!
Hadn't seen any updates in ages.
It's hard to imagine real Tikkun Olam without the liberation of G-d's holy herb, or warriors like you who stand up to oppression and hold a candle to illuminate the truth!!!

7:54 PM

Anonymous Chuck Silverstine said...

Dear and higly appreciated Mister Leib,

It is my utmost honor to post on your blogging site (which I immediately recommended using myself to me in about some 3 to 5 seconds of seeing the blogging button there), and let me shortly say, that I am Jewish, taught myself to play most instruments, am pro pc supporter since 15 yrs, and spliffing is not my life, but it helps concentration and doesn't only ease, but rather: focus the mind. Modern quotidien slavery-jobs in which people only execute the commands of others and therefore thus do not use their OWN brains, do not get futher intellectually, in the way THEY mostly normally, with the lethal and violence-inciting alcohol as a futile and damaging relaxation means, lead their lives.

Without Filesharing, and we all must have and take and demand our right on all information and education whatsoever without any money conditions, otherwise, only rich people could collect a lot of knowledge, information and education and thus culture, and most Jews worldwide are discriminated STILL and to around 95 percent or more MEGA poor. That goes just to THOSE actual evil antisemites, to non-jews who STILL hate Jews. My whole family was massmurdered by Hitler in Auschwitz, and antisemite and proHitler arabs broke my nose and split my lip, and would not at all be punished hard enough, if they would ever be caught, which even remains really, believe me, rather doubtful and improbable.

Betach she ani medaber Ivrit. Eise JOFFI, lo rak ha Jerry Seinfeld be Arzot Habrit, awal gam ken, kemo Matisjahu, ani choshev she anachnu she meashnim et ganja, zrichim lilmod le religious ULTRA-FANATICS ha ELE she rozim laasot GENDER SEGREGATION (separation of men and women) be BUSSIM, ech omrim, in BUSES.... se LO HOLECH!!!

Liberté, pour Napoléon le Premier!

Por Fidel y por los Poveros!!!

Freiheit und wahre Brüderlichkeit und FREUNDSCHAFT mit ALLEN DEUTSCHEN, die wat GEGEN den ollen allerdings bösen DRECHS-RASSISMUS ham. So um die 80 Prozent oder mehr meiner Allemannen, Saxen und Kölner und Berliner da oben sinn also ok. Ne. Aber hallo!!!

SANTORUM or if ye willst OBAMA 2012! and for Israelis: STICK to NETANJAHU and COMBAT religious FANATICISM !!! toda raba. Sono sicuro che siamo d'accordo, tutti le raggozottine i ragazzi!!

C'était un plaisir de "blogger" ici, et je compte à nous les fumeurs de quelque chose mieux que le tabac, que nous sommes des intéllectuels et ne pas des stupides "pimps". Alors. Apprenons. Apprenons de Napoléon le Premier, et TENEZ LA GEUELE, n'ayez rien contre Sarkozy, il est BIEN et FAUSSEMENT démonisé comme OBAMA qui est AUSSI bien. Discussion finite.

Bseder Gamur. Charashov, Davarish, Pravda, Dosvedanje! Moskovska--- ya! russians, VOTE FOR MEDVEDEV in MARCH !!!!!!!!!!! CHARASHOV !!!!

and I would say Seinfeld is as good as even Woody Allen.

2:24 PM

Anonymous Chuck Silverstine said...

Also, the central statement ever:

Antisemitism is the same as the discrimination against Cannabis.

I hope in Israel, I will be left alone by authorities regarding spliffing, this is my central question, or I am not at all able to make Alijah. Here, in central europe, I was fined 600 dollars for one gramme in 05, and because official stores were closed then, people who before could go to SAFE official stores, had from then on to go to unsafe places, which is, how at all, my nose could be broken by antisemite proHitler arabs and my singer carreer ended, as it was.

I accuse the prosecutors who prosecute deeds that are only self-relating, and we have the full right to decide over our OWN body as we will (Habeas Corpus). I will personally file demands from a secure location, mayhap the Netherlands, or also Israel, if not religious fanatics who now there try, as I read in the Herald Tribune, to enfore GENDER SEGREGATION in busses, it's religiously fanatic ultra-rightwing busdrivers who now SPAT on a 8 YEAR OLD GIRL. Here, even the antisemitism becomes understandable, when we Jews have our own "Neturei Karta" and other Liebermann-following plain INSANOES who are JUST a TINY minority in Israel, and not the majority of fanatical people, as WE jews often paint or think it about Iran or the Lebanon, where actually really 70 percent of people dislike Israel, as came out in a recent survey of about 2008.
Israelis can be thankful, that Netanjahu rules, and not religious insane fanatics like Liebermann. Under this a$$hole Liebermann, I would immediately make ex-Alijah, the downstepping, and emigrate out of Israel. !!!

2:36 PM

Anonymous Chuck Silverstine said...

Forgot to include this too:

- without Filesharing, I could never speak seven

languages now, and at all have the money needed in the so-called "real" world,

to educate myself. This is appalling. This so-called "reality" IS NOT REAL !!!

Only Filesharing is real. Culture. THAT alONE is REALITY, and THAT IS


Lechaim !!!

2:41 PM


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