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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Kineh-Bosem: Cannabis IS profoundly symbolic... of us!

So any how, ever body knows marijuana's mention in the bible. Kineh Bosem is a word, or rather, word-couple That tells profound secrets about how marijuana is rooted in the universes above and below.

Kineh is a reed, yes, "aromatic cane", I suppose that's a reasonable trans lation... But hebrew is such a sublimely simple language, where many divergent ideas are rooted in the same three letter roots. KiNeH is not just reed, It's also a wind pipe, a voice box, the space from your elbow to your fist, a nest is a KaiN Tzippurim, any aquisition is called a KiNYaN, to accuire is LiKNOT, and the greco-latin word "Konnect" is basically what reeds do

They connect
one divine thing from one place
to another

And bosem? (tee hee hee) Fragrant is kind of a beautiful word I guess, but know that it's the most general hebrew word for perfume or spice. But only one word in hebrew describes something so specifically as to have the word bosem in the name.

In some modern halachic opinions, this makes marijuana the most Mehudar (wonderful) spice to use for havdalah, the seperation ritual after The Sabbath.

Cinnamon is a close second. "Head Spices" come first, I guess. They are officially "important" (chashuvim, also meaning honored and hinting at thought and consideration of the brain science)

Thank the good lord for making I-and-I senses so well taken care of
thank you for feeding my mind and heart so with your lives oh lord

for more info on the holy annointing oils, see
The dude there recomends smoking calamus with the weed. Funny since, that's the popular other translation of "Kineh Bosem" (as opposed to King James's sugar cane theory, which is so offensive in it's sugestion that sugar cane would be a more popular balm (alm words rock, like balm or palm, psalm and calm) for wounds and skin than Hemp oil)

he dude maintains that the cannabis/calamus mixture is vedic, and it makes sense, as calamus can heal much of the damage over over-psychedlification. anyone out there try it with good results?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm.. for havdallah eh? that makes a lot of sense... would you just smell it or smoke it?

5:40 AM

Blogger Yoseph Leib said...

The gemara seems to assume that we're burning the spice in question, saying the halacha is to make the bracha only once the first column of smoke has risen up.

My minhag is really to just smell it during havdalah, and then smoke not too long afterwards. The baal shem tov apparantly was nohaig to do the same, smoking his water pipe immediately after havdallah, as a fixing for the heartbreak of shabbos's leaving.

8:25 PM

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Blogger Hokulani Cheneviere said...

Aloha, Funny you mention THC-Ministry. Yes, Calamus is mixed with the cannabis for less grogginess and more clear thinking. The founder, Roger Christie is a big proponent of this. He would take sacrament late in the evening mixed with calamus and do his writings and work his thoughts. I encourage you to read the story I wrote about him at
"Hawaii Political Prisoner Denied Bail-What Did Reverend Roger Christie Do?"
I have been sharing your blog with Cannabis Scholar Chris Bennett who writes extensively of the spiritual history of Cannabis. He is the one that inspired Roger Christie to become a cannabis sacrament minister and to make the holy annointing oil according to the Hebrew translation of Exodus 30:23.

1:38 AM


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