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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lineage part 2: Is he cool?

Hassidic reggae has been going on for a while in some communities.

When the chevra at Jerusalem camp first got turned on to the Nyabingi tradition at the National Rainbow Gatherings in the early '00es (aughty aughts?) we really felt touched and annointed as part of another ancient tradition returning to it's source within us, and it's a powerful reminder: Whatever lineage you're in as far as one thing, it isn't the only one, and as a higher and closer connection to God/Truth manifests itself, it must be accepted the moment is understood.

It's a big problem, the degree to which fear prevents learning, fear that the lesson will be too much and wrong, but be believed anyway, but something precious and irrevetrievable will be lost in the transit. How do we make people feel comfortable understanding us?

Law is for the sake of protection against death, be it organizational death or personal. All lineage is about keeping something alive, through (secret) laws and regulations. The small and tribal was embarrasing sometimes when it became clear, our Law is holding us back from the World, and becomes precious when Their Law fails to include us. This is why and how reggae music has penetrated the mass culture, creating an almost universal subculture. Based, somehow, on the ancientest of tribal party traditions with the bible language, as trustworthy and enfaithed as the word of G-d itself in so much of the worlds collective unconcious mentality.

My acid test for how do I know if a Yeshiva is real, if their devotion is really the truth of G-d and his revelation to Us when I first came to Israel is how do they relate to Marijuana. So Much of and and why we trust rastafarian priorities as opposed to spooky Christian ones (as if they were different at all on paper) is that the weed smoking proves that they're cool. Not accepting the Big False Law, that claims to save us from death but really only demands death; whether someone, even without smoking, approves of Mans Right to Grasses determines to many of us that they value freedom over security, just enough to not actually endanger, but enough to think and see what does not really threaten us from nature.

Because much of nature really is threatening, or was before we got it under control, as if. G-d gave us all the seed bearing herbs, but the truth is, we never could trust The Other in nature. We are in danger of being eaten, and as long as we're not ok with that, as long as we're running fucking and/or fighting, we have hope of being forever, as if we didn't already.

Why do religious hippies ever feel justified eating meat? In Judaism, we have a tradition that the cow is so happy to be subsumed in nourishing a higher lifeform, that's cleaving to and searching out God and Joy in a way that it in it's narrow conciousness could not have. Mammels eat Mushrooms and through them can grow so much, or die, if they eat the wrong one. Isn't that so weird?

I once had a girl I met at a String Cheese show, we fell in love in a vulnerable psychedelic desperate openness to the divine revelation of SomeOne else. Her dad was jewish, as if to tell me that she was not, and in a state of messianic trust, I gently went with it to see what we'd learn. We never had sex, only because of her piety, not mine, and once I came out to California to visit her. She was telling me one time she was talking to her Grandmmother about me.

"I told her, hey, I'm like going out with this guy, he's a Chassidic Jew.

And she said, what? aren't they really religious?

And i'm like, no grandma, he's cool, he... smokes weed.

It didn't work out. We couldn't quite surrender to each others truth, we both loved our God pictures too much to give up either our infinities or our particularities. She held very strongly by giving up everything, I felt that it wasn't so honest to think that we ever had, or were willing to usually. And so it goes.

Next Lineage pt 3: Y'know?


Blogger davidgurovich said...

yoseph lieb, you think we'll be smoking pot when Moshiach comes, May he come right now! Personally I think pot kinda messed up my head a bit, I am still trying to undo the effects. Plus maybe the oldtimers could handle it and we can't? Or perhaps they really were just smoking tobbacco. Tell me what you think. And hanging out with girls? Dont fry out on us...

7:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats up yoseph leib i have a feeling my first attempt to leave a comment didnt go through so ill try again. i wanted to know mayabe the Bal Shem Tov and the old time Chassidim could handle their weed but perhaps our generation isnt made for styding Chassidus while high. Also, maybe it was just tobacco that they were smoking after all? And oh yeah I think some times do you think we'll be smoking weed after moshiach comes, think we'll need it... And lastly what are you doing spending time with members of the opposite gender anyway? isn't there a spiritual war we are fighting here? don't tell me it's permitted somehow... thanks hope to see you answer, davidgurovich

4:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

woah, you're sharing some intimate knowledge about you're personal life here with us... that's ok with me ... if its ok with you!

9:25 AM

Blogger Yoseph Leib said...

yeah, I feel safe, you guys seem cool... except for you, Officer Mcnally, I see you peeking!

re: weed after moshiach comes-- it's a good question, will we still smoke, maybe not, but one thing's for sure: it won't be illegal to smoke.

When Moshiach comes, all your enemies will come to you in love and beg you to do the thing you're best at and love doing the most, and if you're still interested in doing it, then it's yours forever.

Apparently, there will still be a machlokes, and boundaries that let there be individualism, untill the very end.

8:24 PM

Blogger Yoseph Leib said...

to whatever degree G-d is frustrated with(in) humanity, life will not only endure, it will never collapse back into the reptillian again, unless love and human warmth lose their grace in Hir eyes. Amen

8:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey yoseph leib, you missed a beautyfull ouf roof in you old town of williamsburg, world aclaimed chazen yachnes did the yaamod in the great synagoge of ohev shalom.
well now im here in the holy land of eretz yisrael,waiting for your return.
please get in touch with me.
Tuvia, love god because he is good to you.

12:06 AM


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