The secret Jewish Cannabis History and Wisdom teachings of all ages

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

free the weed.

The PDF of the Jerusalem Edition of Cannabis Chassidis is now FREE, here at,7ab0sayb0gjue4i

and on the piratebay. If you can help seed it there, i'd appreciate it.


Blogger yosef770420 said...

Wow I'm so glad I found this site, I knew I'm not the only one who gets stoned before a shabbous and becomes spirtually elevated , i bring all my freinds to Val thuvah through the power of hashams plant

,Yosef .v

2:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regard to discussions of God and marijuana, I have a good story.

In June, 2011 I attended the candidates forum for an open Los Angeles Congressional seat. Interesting as the speeches and responses were from the serious candidates, the high point (both literally and figuratively) of the evening came when the Libertarian Party candidate for the Congress responded to a question on the legalization of marijuana (which was on the November, 2011 California general election ballot).

The man responded that by stating in a total deadpan tone of voice that he was both a Christian and a Libertarian, that he believed in the account of creation in Genesis, and that he remembered that God had created the fruits of the field and saw that they were good. To which he then concluded that after an endorsement like that, how could he oppose legalization!

However much the fairly liberal audience disagreed with the man, everyone applauded.

7:01 AM

Anonymous DMAA said...

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12:16 PM

Anonymous MaryJane said...

Not even sure how I wound up running across your book online but I was so psyched to see that someone took the time to talk about how marijuana ties into religion - then I saw that you're giving the pdf of it away and my day is officially made. Thanks for sharing:)

12:06 PM

Blogger vaporizers said...

Hi Yoseph!! Thank you so much for sharing your documents with us all! I really appriciate all the research and dedication you have put forth on this subject of cannabis ,) with love and light! vaporizer ,)

11:33 PM


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