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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

loose like the reed

R' Nachman of Breslov spoke very highly of surrender to circumstance, as in not being too particular about outcomes. Don't push, he said, exampling from his life the time he got to Israel and realized that now he was done, and could come back. His Gabbi (helper) who traveled with him was like, aw maaan, we came all this way, can't we hang out for a while, visit those communities up north and see all the saint graves we've heard so much about?

Ok, fine. surrender.

On the other hand, he also spoke highly of praying until you got what you wanted, and never giving up hope, ever, to the very end. That obstacles in your way were not a sign that what you wanted "wasn't meant to be", the opposite rather, that if something was difficult, it meant that it was especially important.

surrender to that too, the truth of how much what you love matters.

Rabbeinu Alice Frank told me something deep, there's a mishnaic principle, He that enters into Adar, this moon that just started a few days ago, as the spring is sparking, increases joy, just like He that enters into Av, the moon about six months from now, as the summer is ending, decreases in joy. How is one like the other?

We are surrendered to the wisdom of whatever is, in both, either way, and so she said.

Be loose like the reed, "Kal Ki Kineh" (remmember that word? see archives)the sages taught, not stiff like the Cedar, because a strong wind can knock down a mighty tree, but no wind can knock down a loose reed.

good marijuanic principle, and it's true about truths too. If it loosens you up, it's good. If it stiffens and traps you, it's evil.

Lord! loosen the tension of exile from our necks and shoulders! Help us be truly at home, at peace. Amen


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