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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some thin happened happens in jerusalem some times all the time, where people get together for holidays, and it's safe, because the whole state is protecting you and the invaders don't exist hahahahahahahhaaa no they do, but it's really from party to party isn't it? who welcome in the holikday who has to be circumsisedf before they eat this. it's awesdsssssooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmemmme

You're all wwelcome is what everyone says wrong. You're all welcome to sing and and dance with us in jerusalem is the only thing we're defending, right? what is this whole place for if not the great party that 's safe for all to attend, and no one is disinvite because just for tonight there's enough food for everybody in the whole world if we do it right
right rigthtrightrightirifght? You're all welcome is how we ruin all our pareties and lose all our treasuress, not communicatting to the other how precipous how precious what we have that you're taking from usa is and if you appreciate it, then,


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