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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's the proof that marijuana is holy? It never sinned.

How do we know it never sinned? Because every part of it tastes and smells like it's fruit?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is everything that has never sinned holy? Can something become holy after sin?

And about the fruit... I am holding my tongue.

I hope you are doing well. How long will you be gone? Heather

7:16 PM

Blogger montag said...

Thanks for this Blog.

Some years ago I was driving and listening tp NPR and actually did a triple-take, yelled out loud and stared dumbfounded at the radio when I had heard that there was a cannabinoid system in the body.

Since then, it became apparent that an understanding of endogenic chemistry - particularly SChedule I drugs- was necessary for a complete understanding of the human mind.

It also became apparent that this was not going to be possible in our generations.

How very odd.

12:57 PM

Blogger Yoseph Leib said...

Holy = close to nothing. The simpler something is, the holier. Sinning complicates the sinner, that's the only problem, and anything that goes back to simplicity and wholeness is Wholly holy again, if not more so, as is known.

What this piece was a reference to was an old tradition that, before Adam ever ate from the Tree, the trees had rebelled against G-d's command, that the whole of any Tree should taste as good as the yummiest part of it.

The trees apparently ate from the tree of knowledge, because they feared death, and said

"if all of us tastes good
The world will eat us completely!"

so they refused, concentrating their flavors into the fruits that protect their seeds. And so do alot of people.

Doesn't mean they're all that bad, just complicated enough to fear death. Herbs and grasses, that do smell and taste entirely yummy, have no such fear, and are like Sanyasins and Derwishes, surrendered to dying beautiful, delicious, the poor fools.

4:59 PM


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