The secret Jewish Cannabis History and Wisdom teachings of all ages

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Marijuana is learned out from Shabbos

Bi Qoshi Matru Chachmainu sicha b Shabbat

Only with great difficulty did our sages permit speaking on Shabbos.

(I assmue this is from Gemara Shabbos. any scholar squirrels out there know the specific reference?)

In a high moment or place, speaking often seems inappropriate, even impossible. In such states, we often find ourselves being really economical with our words, using as few as possible to say as much as can be said.

What does marijuana mix with?

Perhaps not a social drug at all, it does however, work very traditionally in social contexts. groups of people, ostensibly working together, but on a common goal, not just shooting the shit. Working to create some music, some art, some relgion, sure. Just catching up... it depends on how much you need the catalyst to take you out of the Babylon you have felt trapped in, into the Present Moment.

Shabbos, the sabbath, for most working folks, is a break. More rules and limitations put over that just distract from their joy at not having to be at work, and it's enjoyed for that, as that.

For people blessed enough not be enslaved by their weeks, instead working at some service that does not plow their selvehoods into hamburger, Shabbos has to be something deeper, more profound, to be worthwhile.

I think this is true about Cannabis also. An accomedating host, much like shabbos is known to be, accepting any of your favorite practices, pleasures and joys, and when introduced respectfully, offering new perspective and delight from and with them. remember when you first started smoking, how amazing it was to introduce it to all your favorite pastimes, and how much it changed your relationship to them? Listening to music, playing video games, walking through the park, eating pizza, dancing at a party, doing math homework... even when it didn't mix, it still enlightened a little bit. Some of those things, we learned to appreciate all the more sober. and some, we now only really want to do while high.

Shabbos though, is it's truest and purest when there's nothing else going on at all. If your whole week is holy and you get to do all the things you love doing all the time, then shabbos has to be about something beyond things.

I heard a Torah this past weekend, that really, there should be no food on shabbos, no torah on shabbos, no words on shabbos. It's shabbos, and that should be enough, in it's unbeing, to alight within us the truest bliss there is.

So too with pot, maybe. It mixes really well with alot of things, i guess, but the deepest clearest psychedelic clarity... maybe comes from doing it alone. Focusing on the experience itself in it's purity, for what it is, with no running to close a window or grab some munchies... some time just for God.

Lord! bless us to be able to appreciate the subtle notes of flavor in all your creations, uniquely, of them selves, and ultimately all together. keep us simple, somehow, and through that, give us the sweetest delight.


Anonymous shiryaakov said...


I'm no scholar squrriel— just a proficient Googler; the quote is from Shabbat 150a.

1:57 AM

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