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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nixon's Question pt 2: Osho's answer

I cross posted this piece to Sevenfatcow. I first became aware of it through Josh Lauffer some three or four years ago, but only saw it in it's entirety this past month.
It has to do with Nixon's question: Why are Jews so into marijuana legalization?

Beloved Osho, are all minds Jewish?

Abhiyana, there is some truth in it, it is so

To be a Jew has nothing to do with any race. Jewishness is really a quality --
the quality that calculates, the quality that thinks always in terms of business. That's why the other day I said to you that it is really unbelievable how the Italians could snatch the greatest business from the Jews. It is really unbelievable, it is a miracle, because the Vatican is the greatest business on the earth. All the Rockefellers and all the Morgans and all the Fords put together still fall short.

Jewishness is a quality; it can be found in a Hindu, it can be found in a Jaina, it can be found in a Christian, in a Buddhist. It is the quality of calculation.

It can become great intelligence, it can also become great cunningness -- both alternatives are there.

Jews have given the greatest minds to the world; the people who have dominated this century were all Jews. Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, the three great minds who have dominated, who have left their immense impact on modern humanity, were all Jews. Jews snatch more Nobel prizes than anybody else. That is one part: the mind can become very intelligent. But the other part is, it can become very cunning, mean, calculative.

On his way home from the market, where he bought a beautiful horse at a very good price, Moses is surprised by a storm -- and the Siberian storms are really frightening!

"My God,
if you grant me safety," he prays,
"I promise to sell my horse and give the money to the poor."
As soon as he uttered these words, the snow stopped and the sky cleared up. So Moses arrived home safely.

The following week,
with a heavy heart,
he went to the market to sell his horse.

But he took a goose with him.

"How much for the horse?" Old Isaac asked him.
"The horse is sold with the goose," answered Moses. "Two rubles for the horse, and a hundred rubles for the goose! "

That calculativeness, that cunningness -- now he is even deceiving God!

One small boy --
must have been Jewish -- was going to the synagogue.

His mother had given him two small coins,
one for himself
and one to be offered to God in the synagogue.

On the way he was playing with the coins,
and one coin slipped from his hand, went into a hole.
The boy stood there, looked at the sky and said,

"So take your coin!
Here goes your coin, God!
You are omnipotent,
so you can find it anywhere.

It will be a little difficult for me."

Just a small boy -- but he finds a way out of the problem. This quality is Jewishness.
This quality, wherever it is found, is Jewishness.

If you try to watch your own mind
you will find a Jew hidden there.

Whenever you calculate and whenever you start living mathematically, whenever your life becomes just a business, just a logic; whenever you lose love, whenever you lose the quality to share, to risk, to gamble; whenever you lose the quality of giving wholeheartedly for the sheer joy of giving, beware of the Jew within.

But the Jew is very difficult to destroy, because it pays you. It helps you to succeed in the world, it helps you to become famous in the world, it offers you the whole world. If you are really calculative, the whole world is yours. The temptation is great. If you are tempted by the world and all that it can offer, you cannot get rid of the inner Jew.

And unless you get rid of the inner Jew you will never be religious, you will never have innocence -- and without innocence there is no beauty, no benediction.
Of course, of course, of course, that's not what I identify with being a Jew. I identify it almost with the opposite, faith and hope, humanity, warmth, and passion for sweetness. Osho is not for trusting, that's not what his zen truth-lies are about... but as he says above, "there is truth in it."

Jews in general don't understand what gentiles mean when they use the term "Jew" derisively.
Their definition is close to the talmudic definition in Tractate Megillah:

Who is called a Jew? Whoever rejects Idolotry.

Which is to say, whoever rejects other people's God? Whoever sets boundaries on what G-d is and what G-d Must Not Be? Whoever takes responsibility for and control of their lives and their God?

This rejection of Idolotry can liberate us from slavery, but can also be used to deny whatever we wish to deny, and change whatever we wish to change. G-d's voice can speak and we are free to say "Fuck you! you're not the real God!" And then we don't have to listen. Don't it break your heart when people find a way to ignore what you're trying to tell them?

One of the original sins of Judaism is the Iconoclasm that destroys idols rather than "just" liberating from their slavery. Violence has been nessesary before, whenever we need to get away in a hurry, but if we believe in God, what's the hurry?

Marijuana is a mind drug, can be used that way, and i'd argue, even tends that way strongly. This is why it's not really relaxing, only liberating-- the mind is expanded, awakened and allowed to be with itself, out loud, within, and the In-sights can flow. We don't always use it this way, but this is the best thing it does for me. If you want to stop thinking, stop thinking! Drugs might not help, maybe opiates---

Marijuna maybe be flexible in the power it grants, it may depend alot on intention and constitution, just like bread, but y'klnow what? It has tendancies. The melatonin/Jing/Ojas is released from the Kidney, into the brain, and the creative links between davka the unconcious mind and the concious mind are bridged, in the aspect of the kavanos for Elul, where Chochma and Binah are bridged, and the unconciously stressed in brought into view and able to be dealt with.

The thought that became life essence returns to the brain and burns a light into mind, and this can be useful and appreciated when it is, and only exhausting and debilitory when it's not.

And one of the hallmarks of the occasional toker is the inspiration. This is a hallmark of the psychedelic experience n genral, ideas! Big Ideas, that come down seemingly from no where, about how to fix this, resolve that, accept or understand why someone is the way they are and how to deal with them... Mind people really love marijuana, and this is one of the proofs that Blacks and Mexicans think alot more than some might assume.

What Jews call the "pintele yid" the inner little Jew point in all life is rather the opposite of what Osho's talking about, but what could he know of Judaism from the inside? He was certainly curious, infatuated, and when he came to the west, his first request from one of his followers was for "Academic Jewish women who like to fuck." I know how he feels.

I was once confessing to a rebbe in Jerusalem about my desire for different women, the absurdity of it. He responded: "you're not interested in the women. You're just interested in the revelation of secrets." He was projecting.

Christians don't tend to think of themselves as Goyim either, identifying with Jacob and not with Esau. Very few cultures really identify themselves according to other people myths, if they can help it. Louis Farrakkan hates the legend of Ham.

Why do gentiles hate Jews? Because we keep secrets. When do they appreciate Jews, and Christians for that matter? When we share the wealth and bring good water. As said before, there's less anti-semitism where Israeli agriculture companies are irrigating the barren wasteland, less anti-christianity where the missionaries are saving the lives as opposed to enslaving. This is one of the climaxes of Apocalyto, so i've heard. The local religion is concerned only with exctatic drug use and power politics, not with caring, and the people on the altar know it.

And the Jews can take you out of that, is what the Jews think, or at least take themselves out. The great crime and virtue of Christians is how much they insist on taking you out too.

So, anyway, that's why Jews want to decriminalize Marijuana, why poor Lenny Bruce was so sure that it would be legalized in his life time: because they believe that the law exists, matters, and is not mystically untoucheable, just like religion, just like God. That it is powerful, divine and useable for our purposes. That is The Misnagged god: Law.

What Osho calls Jew, Chasseedim call Misnagdim, "snags"; i.e. people who are trying to outsmart G-d and themselves out of life, for the sake of reward in the world to come. In the more antinomian hasidic communities, that title describes anyone concerned with the rule itself, and not with the love behind it. And unless you get rid of, or at least circumcise, the inner snag, you will never be religious, you will never have innocence -- and without innocence there is no beauty, no benediction.

As if the labels were really who any of us were AT ALL. Another conflicting Oshoism: "it's the labels, and who you think you are, that keep you from the present, and keep you from What Is"

But they say, why was Jerusalem destroyed? Because Israelites didn't make the blessing to The Holy Blessed One over the Torah. What does that mean? R Tzadok HaKohen (I think that's who it was! It sounds like him.) says that it means they treated the Torah as if it WAS g-d, a divinity to be worshipped by itself, as opposed to What It Is.

What IS the Torah? It started as water, and grew from there.

Next: The End of Cannabis Chassidis-- an epilogue to wrap it all up.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nixon's mystery: mah im ha am a zot?

"You know, it's a funny thing,
every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish.

What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob?
What is the matter with them?
I suppose it is because most of them are psychiatrists."
Richard Milhous Nixon

I haven't seen Mel Gibson's Apocalyto, and if I ever do, I can't imagine it will be in a theater, but I am fascinating with seeing a bit of his persepctive through it.
Nazis and villains in the world all have a mythology that they're coming from, and hating/ignoring/ridiculing only silences, doesn't heal, or bring any understanding at all. This is the level of the Baal Ha Tanya's apporach to prayer, as opposed to the Holy Baal Shem Tov. The Baal Shem tov says, if you have a dirty, evil, or just distracting thought during prayer, don't dismiss it outright! It's a precious gift, and related to whatever prayer you were just praying, bound up in it and seeking it's redemption through that prayer-- look into how the "strange" thought connects to the prayer in question, and pray with it's fixing in mind. Becaus eit's all one as is known.

The Baal Hatanya says: That's only for very high tzaddikim, don't YOU worry about it, just ignore it and keep praying.

It's a sign of our weakness of spirit and distrust in our own "truths" that we can't engage neo-nazis, anti-zionists, or anyone else very well for very long, before just ridiculing or name calling them. But it's also what lets us keep working on building our building--- if we stopped and dealt with everyone's issue, we'd never get "anything" "done."

Ignoring is very high, it means They Don't Matter. It's also terrible, because They do, as much as They do.

Mel Gibson said something defensive and profound during a television soundbyte not-to-long ago that struck, because he used a term I was unfamiliar with. He was being asked about the new movie, he was very excited to talk about it, and then the interviewer, on CNN or the Today Show or something, asked something like: "So, are you still angry with the Jewish Community for boycotting your movie?" Something like that. And he said, with a sharp, deep breath and a widening of his eyes, as if he was so tired of having to deal with THIS NONSENSE! "No, no i'm not angry at anyone. I'm tired fo talking about this, I've been keeping my yard clean."

"I'm keeping my yard clean, let them clean up their yard."

I'd never heard this term used before. It really made me wonder how many other sayings are part of cultures across the country, that i've never heard before. He said it as if it was obvious what he was talking about too, like this was a common term to use. But it was obscure to me--

Apocalyto, from what i've heard, is Mel Gibson's progressive movie, ha ha ha, as if.
Aztec Politics keep people's heads on the altar, and the likeable and innocent natives are suffering from it, until redemption comes at the end from outside, the christian missionaries come to civilize the earth. Yay!

It's very rooted, alot of people share this view of history, and censoring may help prevent darker myths from being unveiled and mass-believed, but it also keeps us from seeing what people really hold by, what their guiding mythconceptions ARE.
Seeing these stories, and hearing their message, is crucial to the work of unifying G-d's name in the world, and possibly preventing holocaustage, as if such a thing was possible? Maybe it is. Maybe there is some process of education and illumination that can prevent future atrocities.

Because i'm not nessesarilly optimistic about the fate of the Jewish people in general and the white man in particular as the karma account gets strained and the third world chickens get hungrier. IT could well be that America's guns will keep it together forever, but that really hasn't exactly been the pattern of history, has it? Be they human or animal sacrifices, someone historically has wound up paying for the crimes of the state, be it the people who were actually responsible or not.

I'm reading a comic called, Action Philosophers lately, it's great. I'm reading this one section of Machiavelli, which has been sadly deep and insightful on the nature of effective and sensitive authority, that is, how to actually, successfully control a populace. He holds very strongly by the importance of listening to the populace, that is to say, not being alienated from what they REALLY think and feel. Because, if you are, you won't know how to appease them.

This was Richard Nixon's virtue and failure, right? Not caring about what people thought about him, genuinely hating the very idea of caring about what people thought about him.

Neo-nazi pacifism is a beautiful thing, right? It's the violence that scares me and my people, the willingness to wipe out an Other, as opposed to the longing to be left alone to Live their tribal traditions in peace... as if that was the problem that anyone had with The White Man. The sad thing about neo-nazi Americans is only how much the rhetoric is about having thier cake, and eating it too, living in peace, but being able to stop others from living in peace-- I have yet to meet and hear about a live-and-let-live Nazi, who really doesn't mind what anyone does in their own land. But maybe i'm just sheltered?

Why are the Jews evil, they used to say? Because our people are being sent to fight their wars.

One of Machiavelli's other big principles, one that's been popular in the history of state sponsored anti-semitism, is let the middle man get his hands dirty. The heads of state should never admit to the atrocities they order, instead speaking sweetly and sending lower level lackeys to commit the actual horrors-- that way you can just blame and punish THEM, the lackeys following your orders, after it's all over.

Very often in history, the Jewish gentry played this role, in Russia and in Poland, and that's much of why we got the brunt of the cossack hostility. We agreed to be good citizens and follow the kings orders to collect taxes-- and that has always been the high crime of the jewish people in exile: playing the game and doing well in a country that demands evil and harshness for the sake of success. We justify it in a number of ways, try to find a morality within it in a number of ways, use the position to do good, what have you, but the fact is, the peasants notice who is picking up their rent checks, and that becomes the easy face to hate, as easy as it is to hate the bureucrats at the IRS or the Department of Motor Vehicles, or the bouncer at the club, as if HE was the problem, as opposed to just another whore trying to survive.

The traditional defense of the succeful Jew echoes that of the entrailed nazi, I was only following orders, I was only trying to take care of my family, and it's things like that that make me wonder how good it really is to care for your family, if ignoring the little wrongs I live from is the only way I can do that. The generation of the flood has a problem like that, according to the legends, where everyone would steal, but only a little, so you couldn't get anyone for it.

The rule is, I heard Alice Frank say, my first responsibility is to all life, and then, and then and then.

A problem with being president is that you have to look like you care, so maybe it's harder to ACTUALLY care once it's your job. Richard Nixon resents caring what people think of him, even as he feels compelled to play the game somehow. This is what gets him to support Israel militarily to the degree that he did, against the advice of his Jewish advisor Kissinger, who maintained that it wasn't worth it because of how America would be considered. I don't care Nixon said, it'll be good for us in the long term. This is why, by and large, the beginning of why Jews became republicans, the ones who valued Israel over all anyway.

This is also what allowed him to go to China, this contempt for indulging expectation, this is also what let him invade Indo-china, as quietly as possible.
This is one of the ways that Nixon's republicanism is so different from the modern Neo-republican philosophy, which depends completely on controlling or at least framing how people think. Nixon/Kissinger, according to the Directors of Nightmares Of Reason, are not interested in having enemies NESSESARILY. The Neo-con agenda cares very much that people know that there IS and enemy, and We are your friends.


The better counter to Nixon's posthumously revealed question is what do the Gentile Authorities have against Marijuana legalization?

It's a very deep thing, and a testament to Nixon's hipness to some kind of a what's-going-on, that he was able to acknowledge the difference between the Jews and the Bible Hebrews. I'm sure Sigmund Freud would clasp his fore head if he heard Nixon say that ("Jung couldn't give it over to the gentiles? Ach!") as much as he'd also be delighted at the thought that the main things that Jews would be known for being were psychiatrists.

But he wasn't talking about the religious Jews when he said that, because we're sucha small minority in the Jewish population, certainly not as vocal and visible in the seventies as we're starting to be now... But still, it's such a small percentage of Jews, especially in the worlds he could have seen growing up Nixon, as he did.

But it's a deeper things also-- when don't gentiles like Jews? When we're ruining the country. When do they like us? When we make them see how special they are. Everyone knows, right? What does it mean to be a Chosen People? It means you're showing everyone else all the time how chosen they are.

The Man is afraid of marijuana when they think it might make people fearless, dangerousously stupid, and they're not afraid of marijuana anymore once they're clearly not. Having all kinds of crazy radical ideas can = dangerous, but it doesn't have to, once we the law breaks learn our lessons and learn to be better, more likeable and helpful law breakers.

Why do all the holy righteous Hicks in all the sticks and boondocks of America distrust scientists, Robert Anton Wilson says, it's for the same reason they used to distrust jews-- Because we keep secrets--- that is to say, speak in a different language. Scientists speak in math, all science is build on math... And Jews speak in Yiddish. Either way, people distrust what they don't understand, it's so heartbreaking when people talk around you, and don't even try to speak your language... whatever it may be or have been.

So yeah Nixon, he really helped out Israel... was pretty bad for America though. I think Americans really feel ripped off when someone benefits from their president more that they do... Because then what good is he, if he's not looking out for me and mine!? That's why Bush has been popular, to whatever degree he's been popular, in the hopes that he's a thug who gets things done-- the most comforting thing in the world to have if you're scared of other people taking your stuff. St. Francis and the Holy Yid of Pshische would say would say let them have the stuff, you need it more than I do, brother thief--!

If I was being Idealistic I'd say that why do the jews support mariuana decriminalization as much as they do is because they learn the bible in the original, where the right of humans to consume All The Seed Bearing Herbs is maybe spelled out more clearly? Or just because suffering in Jewish Law/Medicine (Law/Medicine is as good a translation for the word "Torah" as I can think of... although "guidance is a pretty good synonym) is very much to be off set as much as possible-- because it's alaw we make for ourselves, together somehow, rather than someone just imposing on us. People can forget that it works that way, that a people has to ratify laws in order for them to actually happen-- laws that no one cares about, no one will care about.

It's interesting that Nixon didn't say lawyers, but why should lawyers care about Marijuana? It's sad that Lenny Bruce's prophesy never came to pass, that all the dope smoking lawyers he knew, which was, like, ALL the law students, didn't just change the law after two or three years-- Alas, someone must have offered all the Lawyers and politicians a better deal if they'd just shush about it. It's a pity though that all the fundamentalist christians in the south don't become staunch believers in the Universal Human Right to Grasses, but i'll tell you-- all the REAL christians that I ever met respected it.

Nixon did have enemies, I think his mind wanted to get a good sense of what he had to deal with and worry about-- But his vision was to not have any enemies left by the end-- as opposed to the Neo-conservatives, who hold that it's really important to have an enemy or two forever-- just for the sake of keeping everyone together at home. This is why Israel and the Hostile Arab World depend on each other so much, and why it's so important to the leaders of each country that there should be JUST A LITTLE war all the time between US and Them-- why else would there still be kings and corrupt dictatorships anywhere in the civilized and/or educated world if not to defend the residents of one country from the nightmare soldier legions of rape hungry rude savages of the other?

I disbelieve Nixon's contention that NO gentiles were involved in the marijuana legalization movement. What about Dana Beale, John Sinclair, John Lennon or good old' Tim Leary? But maybe he's talking about the laws on the books, legislating changes and that kind of thing?

We wonder alot, how sheltered the later Presidents after Kennedy had to be, what kind of mushroom box they have to be cultivated in before anyone will nominate them for the presidency-- IT's a shame presidents can't be more honest about who they are and what they do and just really open up to people about what they have done and why-- It's a problem with Jews and Freemasons, all this swearing into secrecy-- why can't you just be real with people? Only if you don't really trust G-d and Truth, you have to be careful what you say, only if you aren't willing to really care enough about the other person do you have to lie to them... I hate to say it, but it's true, except when it's not, sometimes people really just need you to not say certain things that might seem clear to you as if they were truth... But if you can say it nice enough, they'll hear it.

My favorite Terrence Mckenna Torah ever: If the truth can be said in such a way that it is understood, it WILL be believed.


Do you believe that? If you understood it, you wouldn't even have to try too hard to.

But yeah, it's a big problem, this whole thing of Jews caring for jews and not other people... It's an old tribalist thing that every tribe and every hometown does... and it's ridiculous, because how're you gonna limit caring? once you care about one person, you're really responsible to care for everyone as much as that one person, at least while you're dealing with them, and if possible, forever on. But it's hard for people to worry about everyone, so, my family comes first... First my wife, then my kids, then the rest of the family, then the rest of the neighborhood, and then the rest of the city. And then, if you're doing SO well that you can take care of everything in the city, THEN you can worry about the whole country, and then, if the whole country is ok, Then the whole world...

But me and Jesus and Rumi and the buddha and all the Rebbes, and all the Tzaddikim and deep down, everything that lives, we're all here to tell you that it's realy safe to care about everything and everyone, all together, all the time... Because that's what it means to love G-d, right? You love the cops even as they come to arrest you, the abusive husband even if you have to yell and scream and have your brother's friends go beat him up-- it's all G-d as much as the Christ is... that's what the Life of Worlds or The Life Eternal that they keep talking about is-- the part of G-d that is alive, in the world, and feeds us all.

It's really safe to care about everyone and pray for all their individual successes, because there Is No Enemy Anywhere, only other struggling lovers, who really matter only just the littlest bit less than you do.

This is the big theological difference between Jesus and Jeiwsh Law, according to the talmud-- How far Love your Neighbor as Yourself I am God (actually the full commandment phrasing in the hebrew bible) goes.

Jesus says,
if you're in a desert
with a friend
and you only have enough water for one of you to survive
Share it anyway, and maybe both die, but who cares? At least you died together.

Rabbi Akiva
(who by the way, is the guy who ratified "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" as the main message of the Torah, AS IF everyone didn't know that already)
says, drink it yourself,
because you come first,
and what the fuck? You should HAVE TO die because he didn't bring enough water?

And the secret is,
If you really love someone
You won't care WHAT the law is,
you'll rather they live
and maybe you'll give them everything anyway

and the other secret is
maybe it's hard to genuinely love other people effectively, and really want to take care of them if you're not willing to take care of yourself?

The Law is there for you
and shouldn't demand you kill yourself
unless it really matters.

Jewish law encourages a Jew to let them self get killed mostly to avoid having to do things that kill you inside anyway-- and so there are no law breakers, ever, they're all just trying to survive, and survival should never be illegal, ha ha ha.

The main reason people feel like they have to be racist or homophobic is because they're afraid that if they're not, THOSE PEOPLE will take advantage of US. Jesus is trying to tell the Jews, listen, it's really ok to die, it's really ok to die, don't worry about it... and we're saying to Jesus, yeah, it's OK? Go ahead, die, enjoy, if you make it look good, we'll all die too-- and alot of Jews did, there in Jerusalem back in the day before things were cool like they are now (ahhhh! hahhhh! ach!) maybe because it looked like fun when Rabbi Akiva and all the other martyrs were doing it it, being tortured to death and laughing all the while.

But, some people didn't want to die. And that's always been the problem with the Jews, like it's the problem with You and God. NOTHING THAT IS REALLY ALIVE WANTS TO HAVE STOP, NO ONE WHO'S HAPPY EVER WANTS TO DIE, but some people let go sometimes---
But King David never wants to die, and all his annointed Childruns around the world don't want to die, because life is so good, life is so good... and so, it's their nature to make you feel that way too when you're around them.

How do you know if someone's a messiah? If they make you feel happy to be alive when you meet them, and you never stop being happy again.


Why do gentiles oppose marijuana (i think it's because of their bible[not really{yeah, totally}]) and the secret of water, a.k.a.
Maayan Nogeah)

and then, the stunning conclusion to CANNABIS CHASSIDIS
If I should live so long, M"H