The secret Jewish Cannabis History and Wisdom teachings of all ages

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cannabis is now available!

Cannabis Chassidis:
The Ancient and Emerging Torah of Drugs
(a memoir)

is now on sale in New York
at the following locations:

Vox Pop, in Kensington, Brooklyn (on Cortelyou rd.)

St. Marks Books on 9th st.
Bluestockings on Allen st in the lower east side
The Yippie Cafe on 9 Bleeker in Manhattan
The Yiddishe Arbiters Workman's Circle on 33rd st. in Midtown

Spoonbills on Bedford and North fifth in Williamsburg.
Word in Greenpoint, on Franklin St.

To the stores then! And to order a copy direct, e-mail In NY, it will be hand delivered.

I'm doing a very unsophisticated thing, distributing it to bookstores personally for the first few months, before I have someone else make it all production liney. Events in NY and other places will be posted here as soon as they are booked.

If you have a bookstore or other venue for bookselling to reccomend, let me know;
and if you want to host a learning in your community, e-mail away, because i'm in the city for another little bit. We'll be doing a thing at the Yippie Cafe in New York, and the Moishe House in Philadelphia, in October.

As always
more info to come