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Friday, February 25, 2005

other chassidic cannabis masters.

And then there's this piece about our beloved Rebbe Nachman of Breslov:

"The Rebbe asked me for a light and smoked his pipe for a while. He sat there for some time and then went outside. The Rebbe grinned and said, 'A time will come when it will be very difficult to approach, but right now, i'm all yours."

And this story, with two major versions. The following incident was related by Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac Epstein of Homil about his visit to Rebbe Israel, the Rizhiner Rebbe.

"The Tzemach Tzedek sent me on a mission to Rizhin. I arrived at the Rebbe's house on Friday, and was directed to an outdoor hut where the Rebbe was praying.
As I watched him, I could discern that every limb of his body was suffused with prayer.

Later, the Rebbe sat with me and discussed the details of my mission. As was his habit, he was smoking a long, beautifully worked pipe. When his servant entered to tell him that noon had arrived, he immediately set the pipe down on the floor. [So we have the custom to refrain from forbidden activities from noon before the arrival of Shabbat].
"At that moment I had a very tangible sensation of remaining on this plane, while the Rebbe soared upwards."

How's that for a start? This one dude in Brooklyn is rumored to have the Baal Shem Tov's pipe. I met a Chabadnik in Marin County once, who claimed that testing was done on the pipe in question, and it did have marijuana resins in it. He furthermore claimed that the last Lubavitcher rebbe was told of this, to which he shrugged : "yeah"

Next: more chassidic pipe traditions, or maybe something else entirely.


Anonymous donbonus said...


Here's something for your pipe ...

This past Shabbos, my Rabbi was silently learning Gemara Pesachim. Suddenly, he starts telling me about a delicacy mentioned in the Gemara consisting of roasted wheat mixed with salt and nuts. He says that he remembers eating such a treat in his youth in Morocco, and that they still sell it in Israel.

I just came across the following (quite "by chance") on a halachic Q&A site:

"As an aside I want to note that dry roasted salted wheat kernels are consumed in Iran as a snack even today. The wheat is mixed with roasted marijuana seeds and is consumed by all. The roasted mixture is famous for its flavor. This is not an every day snack.

--Ephraim Dardashti"

Keep up the good writing ... it might inspire others to come forth with some hitherto unknown anecdotes.

1:30 AM

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